Anna Citrin


Star sign: Virgo
Passes the time: Roller skating, shopping, being adventurous, hiking, laying out at the beach and loves, loves, LOVES to dress up.
Favorite restaurants: Melisse, Bottega Louie, Axe, China Beach

Anna Citrin is a Venice local that has worked at top salons, such as Art Luna, and Estilo, and loves to call the unpretentious and ever creative trim. salon her home. Her loyal customers have followed her for 15 years. Anna’s distinct taste and lifelong interest in high-fashion and bohemian chic has made her a favorite go-to hairdresser for both locals and celebrities (list of references available upon request). She’s an expert with comfortable, beachy, cool styles that don’t break the bank. Come to Anna for extensions, feathers, Brazilian blowouts, and products that are new additions to an increasingly health-conscious world. She offers organic and ammonia-free color lines, and loves to research what her clients might be interested in. Simply put, her gift is working with your idea of what looks good, so you leave the salon looking and feeling good.

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