Jr. Stylist | Kaycee B Smith

Kaycee B Smith, Receptionist & Jr. Stylist

Kaycee Smith, Receptionist and Jr. Stylist at Venice trim. on Rose Ave.

Position: Receptionist, Jr. Stylist
Star sign: Taurus
Favorite movies: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Dazed and Confused, Evil Dead II, Princess Bride, and Stargate.
Favorite restaurants: I love food. All of it. But my favorite dinner spot in Venice would have to be Kifune.
Passes the time: Hanging with my awesome girlfriends, pretending I am a soul train dancer, skateboarding, walking my cute wiener dog around Venice, CAMPING, making art, laughing and having fun.

I am a proud third generation Los Angeles native. The LA Funk music scene rules my heart. I love to see a new band that blows my mind. I toured with Fishbone for a couple years and have been to every state in the US. I get the most excited about visiting Louisiana, and Alaska is the most beautiful place I have visited. Curating pop up galleries for the Venice Art Crawl, painting, drawing, and crafting is my fun hobby. The older I get the more I cook and nerd out finding fun new recipes to try to amaze my friends taste buds with. I absolutely love the life I have been given and am forever grateful for all the awesome people in it. Boom.